Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Am feeling a little better today. I think the fight Varen & I had last week that has still been festering (now there's a revolting word!) unresolved ever since came to a head last night and there was plenty of screaming, but for the first time, he actually talked. Normally I tell him how I feel and he nods and says I'm right and blah blah, but he never contributes much and I never know if he's actually been listening to what I've said or just bunkering down till it's over and I feel better by letting me vent. But last night we really talked (with some raised voices and tears). I am on the road to better I think. I feel better having discussed how I feel and I definitely feel better from feeling he actually heard me for a change.

So yeah. It all came about because I had a rather nice evening planned ... I wanted to grab something to eat and watch Wolverine :) But instead the universe had other plans and I had to collect Varen from work in Sandton because his car is in for a service and they need to keep it an extra day. So fine fine, we can just go see the movie at Sandton maybe? But he couldn't leave work in time and I ended up collecting him at 6pm in traffic-chaos. Seriously, what happens when you add water to traffic that makes it have a practically Gremlin reaction? I drove for an hour & half ... from Randburg to Sandton via Rosebank back home. I was in no mood to watch the movie now (we arrived home about 15mins before it was supposed to be starting) and the evening was pretty much ruined. I am no good in traffic.

Anyhoo, sometimes that's just the way the evening goes.

Oh, and you'll notice I've included some photos of the boons being all friendly that I took on Monday that I forgot to post yesterday :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better Phillygirl! It sucks when you're out of sorts or not on the same wavelength of someone you love.

The bunnies are suuuuper cute and I'm glad they finally bonded. J and I are thinking of adopting another dog (I know - we are crazy) and are a little worried if Rusty and Lila will adapt quickly.

boldly benny said...

Glad you guys could talk things out and hope things are on the up and up :)
PS Also hate the word 'festering'!

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