Thursday, June 25, 2009

Imagine That!

Last night I went to play Poker with the girls. What a dismal game I had. I was out by 9pm :( But it was a blessing in disguise cause I got to watch a few good hands and then was home by 10. And I was exhausted. I slept really well last night ... even tho I had weird dreams (like a car being hidden in a cupboard, it made perfect sense at the time because it was flipped 90 degrees to stand on it's bumper and bumping into my ex, Bean, who was getting a Madagascan Visa, who thought I wasn't speaking to him when in fact I was shocked speechless by the fact that he was wearing a red & orange suit! I warned you they were weird dreams!).

Varen apparently got home round midnight, I slept right thru that. I haven't even got to see his new toy - for those of you not following @varen on twitter, he got himself a new netbook (which brings the laptops we use to 5 - insane or what?! One is mine, one is his, then there's the new one, and a really old one of his that we use as the media center connected to the TV and the one he uses at work ... but to be fair it doesn't get brought home). Seriously, boys and their gadget's, hey? I can't understand the need for another one ... or at least in my mind a new one means we can move his current one to upgrade the TV on and get rid of the old one ... his mind does *not* work the same at all ;) You know how the cartoons show old men swimming in pools of money ... instead I imagine the updated version: techy guys (like Varen and @saulkza) swimming in pools of gadgetry.

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Tamara said...

Wahahahaha... boys swimming in pools of gadgetry... cracks me up!

With this fever I've had, my dreams have been loopy too - I dreamt I had to drive TSC to Durban for an eye op and some dude stole my car, cut it up and turned it into a rickshaw! I only knew about it when I tried to find my car with my key button and the rickshaw started beeping. Randomness...

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