Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Nothing too exciting to report. I went and had my stitches out ... and as much as I like my new dermatologist, I don't think it was handled very well. I got taken to a different room and some nurse (I presume?) took my stitches out. Then I sat waiting and waiting in the room for the doc to come and give me my results (I hadn't bothered phoning since I knew, or thought, I'd be seeing her 10 days later). So she rattles off the form she received using all their long words and I have no idea what I'm hearing ... good or bad? But it ends by basically saying that t hey couldn't figure out if there was anything wrong (too much pigment or something) so have sent it off for an additional test, please await their addendum. Then while off hunting for my blood test results (that I struggled so hard to find a damn Lancet Lab for), they found the addendum. More long words that meant nothing, and it turns out the mole was fine. Good that it was removed, but not cancerous. Yay.

And then everyone left me waiting while they tried to get the blood test results. I had my thyroid checked, apparently it's thick. At this point I don't really know what a thyroid even does. But apparently I'm gonna have to keep getting it checked because although it's functioning fine right now, there are anti-bodies in my blood trying to attack it. Delightful.

Had a minor panic attack last night. I've never been a sick person, never. But suddenly this year, I've been diagnosed with low-grade asthma and low-grade eczema (both of which she said she wasn't surprised at because of my blood test show that I'm basically having a permanent allergic reaction and those are 2 of the 3 likely causes, I forget the third) and now this thyroid thing, which doesn't sound like a problem now, but one day could be. Don't you just love things where they tell you they can't do anything to stop it happening (ie. to get rid of the anti-bodies in my blood) but if it does attack my thyroid and it stops function, then they can. A bit like closing the gate after the horse has bolted if you ask me. But what do I know? Not much right now, I'll tell you. I do know it's genetic tho and have told Mom and The Peeb to get their's done sometime too.

Mom was asking if this was an auto-immune disease (which it is if @SimoneBiz is right and it is Hashimoto's), because The Peeb's Psoriatic Arthritis is auto-immune as well. These are bits of a puzzle I'd rather weren't coming together at all :P

It's all rather weighing on my mind. Especially not really understanding the implications (if any at this point) of this thyroid thing. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

man, health issues have a way of getting to one and affecting way more than just the body. i know.
keep an eye on that thyroid of yours. any problems are usually genetic - i started out hyper about 16 years ago and am now hypo and have to take meds daily. here's to good health!

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