Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So I wasn't in the mood for posting yesterday morning. And last night I decided to take a break from blogging this week. We're going away to the Drakensburg this weekend, so I'm pretty sure I'll be blogging again next Monday morning all about it :) I am just not in a very motivated or positive place. And something I know that I struggle with here & in real life is venting the bad times but not saying much (since I don't feel the need) during the good times. So things, I'm sure, come off sounding much worse than they are. It's not the case. But I am having a week of lots of life thoughts (like "is this it?" and "am I happy with the status quo?" and "where to from here?") and with that comes some negativity (I'm a lot better at seeing the bad than the good).

Anyhoo, so that's just a heads up. I'm off to find the positive, how about you?

Ps. My gran fell on Sunday night and broke her hip :( She had hip-replacement surgery yesterday and so far as I've heard it went well. It's times like these that really make me sad that I don't live closer to home in Cape Town. It all adds up to my current mental state this week.


se7en said...

Hi Glad to be a Girl, I am sorry about your gran... My mom had a hip replacement op in August, and the recovery has been slow and hard... she has needed lots of encouragement and cheering on... It is incredible to think that they can remove a chunk of your body, replace it with a door handle and then you can (theoretically) walk again!!! I hope your week off leaves you revived and good to go!!!

Tamara said...

Sorry to hear about your gran. Hope recovery is smooth!

I'll miss you, but hope you find much positive in your hiatus. Nothing like the 'Berg to make you feel bit better.

boldly benny said...

Sorry to hear about your gran! Hope the time out helps and leaves you feeling inspired!

Anonymous said...

i hope your gran is recovering well. and have a great time in the berg and come back restored and full of those positive ions!

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