Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Went to book club last night which was really nice. Also had a long phone call with my friend in Cape Town, The Bunny Farmer. It helped because lately I've been feeling quite alone. I still have that lonely feeling ... but the sun is coming out and that, I'm sure, will get rid of it for a while. I'm a little sad right now.

But, the awesome news is that we don't yet have any baby bunnies. You have no idea how much of a relief it is each time I check the nests and find them empty. I thought I would love just having one litter, those cute tiny little things. But I'm so worried about them ... that one of the other bunnies will attack the babies or that because the nests are on the higher levels of the 3-storey hutch they might fall. Or more importantly that we'll be perpetuating Rex's cryptorchidism :( Shame poor boy is most unimpressed at being separated and in a hutch alone. Last night when it was hutch-time for them, he ran into the big hutch instantly (usually it takes a while to round any of them up) and hid away. I eventually got him out, but he doesn't understand :( I hate stuff like that ... although I know it's in all their best interests.

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Tamara said...

Shame, poor Rex :-( I hate it when I have to upset my pets, even for their own good.

Glad you had a good convo with the Bunny Farmer and haven't started farmign your own yet!

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