Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Night at Home

I did manage to get out of here on time yesterday thankfully :) I don't quite know how I managed it, but I think I somehow slipped thru the cracks. I'm putting it on the list of things to be grateful for. It meant that I got to gym yesterday afternoon. Which was disappointing because my measurements are up from last month. Me thinks it's the hot chocolate and general Winter comfort eating. Will have to pay more attention this month. I also got to take Rex to the vet to finally get his neutering done. Was supposed to do that on Monday afternoon. But anyhoo, he's been in my thoughts constantly having to spend the night there (I have tried going to the vet before work but it ends up adding a million hours to my journey in traffic and makes me a grumpy person). Poor thing doesn't know what he's in for. Our vet is going to try the massage in the hopes that if it works Rex will only need a simple neutering. He'll phone me later and let me know if that's successful (will keep you updated on twitter). If it's not, it's more than likely they'll be opening the poor little guy up today and removing it that way. I was gonna wait a few months, but then I thought about the delayed second trauma and I figured it just wasn't worth it for such a cute tiny little creature. So best to just go and get it all done at once. The girls were crazy last night jumping up on the couch with me all night. So cute :)

And Varen was home at a reasonable hour too (before I got back from the vet) so he made dinner for us: Grilled Gammon Steaks with Caramelised Black Pepper Pineapple. Wowee folks it was delish :)

Other than that the evening was quiet. And I woke up feeling awful this morning :( But here I am at work ... sigh.


Louisa said...

That dinner looks very yummy! :-)

Hope your bunny boy is doing okay...I can imagine how worried you must be about him.

ExMi said...

and you've just reminded me that i'm STARVING. haven't eaten yet today.

hope everything went ok with the buns!

boldly benny said...

That definitely looks YUM! How is your bun?

Tamara said...

Oh yum - that dinner sounds divine!

Hope Rex is doing ok!

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