Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Obsession

Not much to report again today. I was supposed to go to my monthly ladies poker evening last night but it ended up being canceled cause only 3 of us could make it :( But to be honest I wasn't too upset about this ... because instead I went home and got stuck into capturing data into Gramps. Last night I finished capturing the data I'd put into the spreadsheet ... which is really just my direct line of ancestors ... and when I did a sample circular graph I realised just how little information I have in so many segments (although one quarter is packed solid so it looks quite unbalanced - haha!). And then I started the mammoth task of adding in extra dates I hadn't used in the spreadsheet (like marriage and baptism dates) and all the extra people (brothers & sisters off my direct ancestry line).

I'm trying to decide if I should capture all the data I have before starting to investigate the giant gaping holes in my circle. Unfortunately I know that the investigative part, as fun and detective-y as it sounds ... can be pretty soul-destroying because it is so hard to track down the neccessary stuff. I'm really hoping the internet has advanced, that the archives have been furiously uploading useful stuff in the last 10 years and I can find reams of new stuff online. Note: This is a lesson in how to spot wishful thinking in advance ;)

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You know what the best part was? Varen was home late last night (after 8pm), and I didn't even notice, I was so absorbed. And I made time to go to gym and make myself some brinner :)

Oh, and in other *very* exciting news, my Canada trip finally got paid yesterday (only almost a week late!). What a giant relief :)

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