Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things To Deal With

Yawn. Not much happening here ... it was a Monday evening, after all. Varen was home at a reasonable hour and we ended up watching The Amityville Horror.

George and Kathy Lutz and her three children from a previous marriage move into what they believe will be their dream home, a Dutch Colonial situated on the waterfront in Amityville, New York. When George questions the asking price, which is well below market value, the realtor confesses the house was the scene of a brutal murder committed by Ronald DeFeo, the son of the former owners, who killed his family in their sleep with a rifle a year earlier. Despite some misgivings, George acquiesces to his wife's wishes and purchases the property.

Sheesh, a little hectic for Monday night viewing ... I'll point out right here that I'm not a horror fan. Give me real-life psychotics over freaky-weird unexplainable terrifying sh1t any day! It is also weird to read up this morning on Wikipedia about the "based on truth" aspects.

Other than that, my Canadian holiday payment was supposed to have gone off last Thursday. I only realised it hadn't on Friday on our drive down to the Drakensburg. Apparently it'd been declined by the credit card company (Discovery). So I spent ages being transfered yesterday till I finally spoke to the right person only to discover they put a limit on international transactions. So I got that sorted and assumed that would be the end of it. No such luck. I got an email last night from The Great Canadian Travel Company saying it had been declined *again*. I am so frustrated. I have the cash. I have moved it into my credit card specifically to pay for this. I so want to go on this holiday, why is it so difficult to actually pay for something?

And then Varen & I discovered my blackberry has not been functioning at top form ... for some reason it's not picking up 3G signal ... and I realised I don't think it ever actually has shown the 3G icon :P Sigh, yet another thing to sort out!


Louisa said...

Urgh! I hate horror movies. Don't ask me how or why, but I have actually seen that one.

Good luck paying for your vacation. Sounds like the bank is giving you a real runaround.

Unknown said...

I hate horror movies....the only time I ever watched them is when i get tricked into it.

Pity bout the bank being so difficult:( Hope it gets sorted out real quickly! *hugs*

boldly benny said...

I hate life admin - just gets in the way!

Tamara said...

It sucks when technology won't play ball.

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