Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brief Hello

I'm back from my 4-day weekend. It was certainly hard to get up on time this morning ... not least of all because the first thing I had to do was go downstairs, extract Rex from the hutch and drop anti-biotics into his eye! (More on that later). I definitely have a post brewing about the weekend with Mom and all we got up to on these last few delightfully hot days (sadly I had briefed Mom on the weather of the freezing weekend before and she brought up her winter woolies. The boons we equally unimpressed by our little heat-wave and have barely moved for the last few days!), but I had planned on getting a head start last night ... which didn't quite happen because the dinner I was meant to go to tonight got pushed forward and I went last night instead. So no time for pre-packaging a long weekend post then :)

In other news, Mom is safely home in Cape Town. Varen is off hiking in the Fish River Canyon (with no freaking signal till he's out again on Saturday!). And I'm right here.

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