Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nothing Serious

Yesterday afternoon Varen took (not so) little Rexy to the Animal Eye Hospital. Sigh, I was nervous the whole day, partly because I wasn't going along and obviously because I was dead-scared that it could be something serious. Eyes are sensitive, you know?

Shoo, the relief when Varen told me Rex would be fine. His vision is 100% the communication between his two eyes is 100% (whatever that is?). But he has an inflammation ... no doubt caused by the ulcer. Thankfully the ulcer has been gone for 2 weeks already (thanks to the Vigamox!), but the inflammation hasn't cleared. So now we have anti-inflammatory drops for him for the next 2 weeks. Finger's crossed this sorts it all out :)

Not much else happened, Varen went back to work and worked till about 11pm. I should have known he'd be working late again ... I was making my Roast Butternut, Feta and Biltong (with some avo thrown in cause it was in the fridge) Wraps. He's never come home on time a single evening I've made them. Seriously. But they are delish and easy and it really seems a waste to bother putting up a recipe post ... since literally I've already described all the ingredients in the name (except you can add in some cucumber). So delish and sooo easy to make! And I was feeling nice so I made one each for Varen & I for lunch today :) Yum, yum.

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The Divine Miss M said...

Wow those bunnies must be costing you a small fortune in vet bills!

Glad he is going to be ok

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