Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yummy Sushi

Meh, I'm so not quite in the mood for today. I just woke up feeling funny. You know the one, the "what's the point of it all" one ... usually the things coming up in the future that I'm looking forward to make everything alright, but even those seem just like things happening. Every day things happen ... you wake up, you go to work, life happens. I just sorta feel like it's all passing me by a bit right now. In all likelyhood it's brought on by the spate of births and engagements surrounding me ... sigh. I have serious "will I ever get there" ... and even "do I wanna get there" issues.

But I'm ignoring all that for now and just going with the day-to-day flow. Last night Varen & i went out for some very late sushi, because he *forgot* we were going out for dinner and got home from gym at 8pm! Luckily J9-double0blonde who was supposed to be joining us cancelled too otherwise I would've been wa-ay more annoyed. But I was still annoyed. close to 20h30 is not when I wanna be starting to eat dinner! But I perked up once I had some food in me :) And I do so love Yamada sushi. It is definitely my favourite sushi spot at the moment!


Jam said...

I know exactly how you feel - so exact that I think we're even talking about the same baby births!

I think in part it's got to do with the whole biological clock thing - the fear that time is passing by and that we're missing the boat that everyone is happily sailing off in. And like you say, on the other hand - do we even want to get on the boat?

I always need to keep reminding myself that the shiny happy versions of everything we see on Facebook is just the side that people want to present to the world - and that each of those people are probably facing the same existential crises that we do.

Tamara said...

I get so grumpy if I haven't eaten. And even more so if it's not my own fault ;-) Glad the sushi was good in the end.

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