Thursday, October 08, 2009

2 Weeks till Canada!

Just a quick one this morning ... am a little disappointed because I was so sure last night that today was Friday. But on the plus side I have book club tonight, so the extra day is not a total loss ;)

We also had a little pandemonium this morning because I fell and bent the latch on the hutch last night (I'm fine), so we tried to latch it as best we could before bed last night and it seemed like it worked ... until I noticed all 3 scoundrels running around our garden this morning! Who knows how long they'd be out for but I can tell you, it's times like these that I'm super glad we have a large noisy dog next door that keeps the cats away ;)

Oh, and most important of all ... It's 2 weeks today till I head off on my chilly Canadian adventure. You'll notice I've updated my weather gadget in the hopes that it'll somehow acclimatise me ;) Haha.

Oh, and I've also added a link to my Fakebook fan page ... which I finally decided to make and see how it all goes, and if there's any worth to it. so Become a phillygirl fan :)


Mellisoo said...

3 degrees.


You. Are. Insane.

Well, at least you can make snow angels :)

Tamara said...

Two weeks! So soon!

Just looking at your weather gadget makes me cold.

Glad you're ok after your fall. And that the boons are well too ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aww sweet, bunny escapies :)

Lucky no preditors were on the prowl. I am always worried about my bun when she's in the garden!

And why would you want to go somewhere freezing when things here are just begining to heat up ;)

AngelConradie said...

I can't believe its only 2 weeks away!
I so want to go there...

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