Sunday, October 18, 2009

Almost on Holiday ... Again

Meh, it kinda sucks feeling like I have to get my weekend post written on a Sunday afternoon :(

But here goes anyway. Friday was quite a surprise. I had completely forgotten that some of the work crowd were organising after-work drinks. I'd actually planned to take Rex to the vet at 6pm because that's when I find the vet is the quietest with the shortest wait. As you know, I've been meaning to take him all week and finally on Thursday Coal gave us a whole bundle of pulled out fur (I think the girls are in heat again, both have been pulling out fur and Lily has spent her weekend outside-hours nesting the the hay burrow! Which has caused absolute mayhem with Coal because she is quite determined that the hay burrow is hers and no one else is allowed in there) Anyhoo. I didn't end up making it to the vet at all on Friday.

Instead we had after-work drinks in the office to celebrate a recent achievement and then moved on to Capello's in Rivonia for some cocktails (delish! I had the Watermelon & Black Pepper Martini and a White Chocolate Martini) and hubbly bubbly. Varen joined us after he finished work and eventually 4 of us went for dinner at Primi. Well, Varen and I had shared a Pizza at Capello's so we indulged in some dessert at Primi instead :) What a great evening!

So instead on Saturday morning we headed off to the Vet with Rexy. The vet isn't too worried about his foots just yet but has given us some F10 ointment to apply. His eye is also fine, he just probably has some remaining scar tissue but no new ulcer :) What a relief!

After that I headed of to the Throbbing Strawberry for a sort-of Bookclub lunch (without the books) to meet our two new mommy's babes. Aw, what completely darling little things, both of whom were quite well behaved for their first visit to a restaurant. I must also say that I tried the Bacon, Brie and Strawberry wrap and it was devine. I think I may definitely try to make this myself at home sometime! Yumyum.

And boy did the rain come down on Saturday afternoon. Varen and I decided to go and watch Public Enemies.

Meh, it wasn't the greatest of movies but staring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale goes a long way to make up for it :) The main thing I didn't like was the almost TV style filming that some of the shoot-up scenes had. It was like it had been filmed in the old 911-recreation-of-real-life-events style. Which I *really* didn't like. But again I did enjoy the storyline which inspired me to learn a little more about a real-life character I knew nothing about prior to watching the movie. (Most especially now that I read up on Wikipedia about all the historical inacuracies in the film ... quite interesting!)

And then we had dinner with Varen's mom at Mythos (pretty average and boring tapas). She's about to move to Mossel Bay and open a coffee shop. Interesting times :)

Sunday was far more relaxed ... we went and stocked up on the last Winter woolies I'll be buying for my Canada trip. And then just relaxed at home :)


Louisa said...

It really does feel funny to see your weekend post up on a Sunday already - does it feel like you had to cut your weekend short because of it?

I'm glad your bunny's feet aren't too bad. Hopefully the ointment will help?

Tamara said...

Sounds like a good weekend in all.

Glad Rex's eye is ok.

I love the bacon, brie and strawberry focaccia at Throbbign Strawberry. I must try the wrap next time.

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