Friday, October 02, 2009

A Good Week

Last night was a simple night at home, which was lovely. Even more so since Varen has been home before I've gone to bed every night this week! I think that's what's kept me in an up-beat mood for the week (admittedly with one or two very minor bumps). And even more amazing is that I still have my post-holiday refreshed feeling ... perhaps that's because it's already Friday ;) And it's October which means there's less than a month until my trip to Canada!

And we've made the decision that we'll be driving down to Cape Town for December ... I'm not usually a fan of going that route, but the flight prices have gotten quite expensive. And we have the time, we've organised it so that we'll still be arriving and leaving Cape Town on the same day, so I guess I can survive the loong loong drive (let me point out here that Varen absolutely loves to drive long distances ... he's weird like that, but I'm super greatful for it!).

Other than that, Wednesday night was my ladies poker night and I was back on form :) (finally!) I shared first place - since it got a bit late and we were yawning into our cards, we decided to just split the pot since our chips were pretty evenly matched! And best of all, I didn't have to buy-in once!

And here's looking to a busy first weekend back. We're off to a Comedy Show this evening and then, yay!, Taste of Joburg tomorrow and then I plan to also squeeze in finally watching the Time-Traveler's Wife.

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