Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Minor Update

So I guess I should be writing a blog post. I can't quite get into the new routine of it ... after work is my down time. I barely remember what happened last night to blog about it and certainly nothing worth mentioning has happened since this morning. Maybe today is a bad example since I would've (and did) just used a book review post as filler for a nothing-to-say Monday evening.

I'm worried about the boons: They're "digging" up the Yoga mat in their hutch & I still wanna take Rex to the vet for his feet, but I wanna print the foot-binding instructions from the internet first - chances are they've never done this before either! They're driving me crazy, there's always something ... can't just live in peace, you know?

Sigh. We've just re-nailed down the yoga mats in the hutch. The boons have been destroying them in some places so now they're patched too. I hope they leave it be for a while now.

Varen is off at Soccer and I'm messing around online, as I do. Exciting life I lead, hey? I should probably be making a list of everything I need to get done before my trip ... But I'm not. I'm making dinner and deciding if I'm even in the mood to eat it :P

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