Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekends Stuffs

Yep, the end of last week was a pretty grumpy time for me. Work has gotten stricter about how we spend our time there and as such I have had little to no time for blogging. As you well know, getting my blog post out of the way before really starting my day is my routine ... and has become quite a requirement in my daily habit. And not having the freedom or space to do it left me quite grumpy. Yeah, yeah comfort zones and whatever, but there are just some things, like brushing ones teeth and blogging that simply must be done :) My balance has been seriously upset and sadly I don't see it going back to normal any time soon :(

So I will being attempting to blog instead in the afternoons when I get home from work ... let's just see how it goes, okay?

The weekend had a very pitiful start. You know when you *know* you're in no mood to do something and someone invites you out and for some reason you simply can't fathom you agree to go thinking perhaps it'll improve your mood? Well let me tell you something, you're far better off listening to that little voice telling you to just say No. Why is it so many of us have trouble saying No ... fear of missing out on something great? I've mostly gotten over the inability to say No, in fact I often prefer to say No and later, if I change my mind, say Yes instead of just saying Yes right away and regretting it. It's never as fun as you think it's going to be if you start out in the wrong mood and mindspace.

But on Friday night I didn't listen to that internal voice of mine because Varen invited me out for dinner with some work people. I wanted to say no because as I said before my daily balance had been upset and I was grumpy. It may also have had something to do with the fact that I was tired after book club on Thursday night and had pictured a quite night in, maybe with take-out and definitely spent in my PJs. Or maybe it was because my mom had called a little earlier to say that now both our dogs in Cape Town were not doing so well and the chances were good I wouldn't get to see them again (next time I'll be there is December for Xmas). Or maybe it was because I'd had a suprememly frustrating few hours fighting with Lily trying to get her out from under our bed on my own - she's a very willful little thing! But still I agreed to this last minute plan of his because he's done plenty with my work crowd yet I've never met any of his (he has been working there abotu 6 months now?).

Silly silly me. I was in a foul mood by the time I turned up and realised that they'd all already ate and were getting ready to leave, I'd naively assumed "dinner" meant arriving before 7 would still be appropriate. Not so much. So yes, I'd missioned all the way there to arrive in time to say goodbye and then Varen and I left because we were told the table was booked for 8. It left neither of us in good moods because he was annoyed with me because I was annoyed with him and the world and life in general.

Things didnt' improve because we're about as stubborn as each other and we only sorted things out around midday on Saturday. We've resolved to be less stubborn and talk more and be nicer. Finger's crossed.

Saturday afternoon we headed out to Greenstone for a change of scenery and then went for sushi at Yamada with @saulkza, @nadgia and another couple from (my) work. We had an awesome evening :) I ♥ my now standard order from Yamada: Tempura Prawn California Rolls, Yamada Fashion Sandwiches, Hana California Rolls, Prawn Fashion Sandwiches and Spicy Butterfish Fashion Sandwiches :) The weekend was definitely on an upward swing :)

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On Sunday Varen was out working on his top-secret not-work-related project and I got the general day-to-day stuff done. I finished lining the hutch with Yoga mat :) Will probably have to take Rex to the vet later today because I think his sore hocks are getting worse :( He's been such a problematic little dude, poor thing.

We've also ended up resorting to mouse traps, which I feel guilty about but I have tried alternatives, which probably work when you're not trying to get rid of 15 or so mice. They driving me nuts! And I simply can't use poison cause of the bunnies so this seems like the only alternative :( I feel really horrible about it, but I've tried to nicely have a chat with them and ask them to leave, but they simply won't listen :P

As you will notice, there is an abundance of bunny photo's in this post ... an advantage of writing my post on the weekends (it is actually 6pm on Sunday afternoon and Varen still hasn't left Pretoria yet, leaving me with loads of time for things like finally taking & downloading photo's from my camera & phone - these were all taken in the last week). And I know I haven't posted any photos of the boons in a while ... This one on the right is quite amusing actually, it's where Coala spends most of her "outside time". She has essentially dug a burrow into the bale of hay that we keep in the garden for them. I must say I'm quite happy to rather have her digging in that than the garden!

And here's a cute one of Rexy stretching to reach the "eating plants". As I said previously, I've planted a whole lot of seeds, most of them as bunny food. And We're using part of their old 2-storey hutch to fence all the pot-plants in. I kinda like it like this (although I'm not using my garden shelves that much because of this new arrangement) cause as the plants grow they can nibble on bits of it without completely destroying the plant (which I know they would if they could!). Obviously the ones that are being grown purely for their enjoyment (like the raddish, beetroot and nasturtium) I put closer to the fence for them and turn every few days so they can nibble a bit more and the other half of the pot can get a chance to grow a little more.

Last night I watched Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. Yes, I'm not entirely sure why either, but I'm putting it down to the fact that of the movies I had available at the time that I hadn't seen, this was the closest to what I was in the mood for (Requiem for a Dream and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas both seemed a little intense!). Meh, it was fine. Nothing too exciting, except for a rather star-studded cast.


Tara said...

Eugh. It's horrible when your routine gets switched up all of a sudden by other people. Hope trying to adjust isn't too much of a pain for you.

I was showing the pictures of your Boons to the Boyf over the weekend trying to persuade him that a boon is the perfect little furball to hang out with me during the day.
He wasn't convinced but he says they're very cute :P

As for Lemony Snicket, the story isn't too wonderful but I would love to own that one coat that Jim Carrey wears in it.

Tamara said...

I don't think I'd be able to work nearly as well if I couldn't get my daily post done and read some blogs with my coffee before I boot my brain up for work stuff.That sucks.

TSC and I are also as stubborn as each other. It's necessary (if he wasn't at least as stubborn as me, I'd steamroll him) but frustrating at times.

Hope this week is a good one.

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