Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coming Together

Erm well, to say it's been stressful since my last post should be a given (as I'm sure anyone who is following my tweets will atest).

I have been backwards an forwards (quite literally with spreadsheets being emailed back and forth with comments by everyone and then amended and updated!) about 4 times today with my "minor tax issue". Daddio got involved too, so between my TaxLady, Daddio and the 2 Accounts Ladies at work, I think we're making progress. It's days like these that make me awfully grateful to have a Dad who is an accountant and is damn good at his job :) Thanks Dad!

It took a while for work to admit any mistake, but they have and are willing to pay a pretty large portion of it on my behalf (none of this has been finalised yet). Which I'm hugely greatful for, since obviously they have actually already paid me this money in error. But I'm wondering how it might end up affecting my end-of-year bonus :P Oh well, we'll have to wait and see, but at least it doesn't seem like I'll be footing the 15K bill myself anymore. Shoo.

So although not finally resolved and my tax return still has yet to actually be submitted, I am feeling a lot better about the situation and that it will manage to be sorted soon and amicably.

And on another very positive note, Doodles put me in touch with a bunny-sitter and I'm so incredibly greatful :) I can't tell you how much I prefer the idea of it being someone I have a connection with thru a friend I trust.

And, today is The Peeb's (my little sister) birthday (and SleepyJane). (Wishing both of you a very happy day!). So tonight instead of debating what I should eat - Varen is having a liquid dinner at Whiskey Live, so I am left to fend for myself and like all girls, I expect (although this may be a gross generalisation on my part?), when I don't have someone else to feed as well, dinner completely slips my mind - I should be heading of to a Family dinner. But I'm not, I'm sitting here trying to justify swinging by a drive-thru something or other because our cupboards are empty except for dry pasta (and one definitely need sauce!). This is the curse of shopping for very specific planned meals ... and forgetting one of the evening meals, because you just assume there'll be something in the freezer for little old you, but in fact it turns out that that was all flattened while you were in Canada ... say, for example ;)

As you can see, I am focusing on all the positives, most especially because I have a fabulous, busy weekend planned with so many very awesome friends :)


Louisa said...

I'm so glad your tax thing is being sorted out. That's enough to spoil anyone's day.

Good luck with dinner - I had an interesting 2 minute with a twist noodle craving that I killed today but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a squishy to blame it on. ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...

Goodness, I NEVER forget to eat and know very few girls ... or PEOPLE for that matter that forget to eat :P

Happy birthday to the sister, man that means I turn 27 soon. Blah.

Tamara said...

Dads are the best. Mine helps me with all my car / business issues.

I'm glad you're feeling slightly better. Hope it all gets totally resolved soon.

Here's hoping the bunny sitters work out and that your weekend is awesome.

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