Monday, November 02, 2009

Safely Home

I arrived back from my Canadian Polar Bear expedition on Saturday morning, around 8am. Breezed thru Passport Control and definitely felt my heart beat faster as I waited and waited for my luggage to be spat out onto the conveyor belt. But arrive it did and I breezed thru Customs and out to a happy-to-see-me Varen.

I hadn't slept that much on the long flight from Frankfurt to Joburg but was feeling quite fine, no doubt spurred on by the excitement of being home, seeing my boy and the prospect of unpacking :)

I showered Varen with his gifts: 3 different types of Root Beer (in 591ml bottles ... what an odd size!): Mug, A&W and Barq's - the boy does so love his Root Beer, such a shame he can't get it here (although he does indulge in Frankies, when we find a spot that sells it) and they were all finished by Sunday evening ;), a litre of Green Label Johnny Walker whiskey (got it for a bargain in Frankfurt's duty-free) and a J.D. Robb book in German (a special request since he's learning the language).

I bought myself some perfume (as I traditionally do after every trip) in the Frankfurt duty-free as well. This time I got a 2-pack of DKNY's Be Delicious with the traditional scent and the new Fresh Blossom. Smells yummy.

And then after plugging the camera into the TV and going thru all more-than 1300 photos we popped out to pick up some take-away Col'Cacchio and a dvd and headed back home.

I was falling asleep before we were even half an hour into the movie so went upstairs to sleep. I slept for a good 4 hours! (I'm putting it down to lack of sleep on the overnight flight, not jet-lag).

After catching up on my sleep we decided to head out to watch Inglourious Basterds. As you can tell it barely registered at all that it was actually Halloween to me. Although I did appreciate the very empty cinema ;)

Loved the movie. Thought it was very well done. The only thing that truly annoyed me were the sub-titles. Not that that were there ... that was fine and I enjoyed how they weren't displayed when a character couldn't understand what was being said (so neither could we). The annoying thing was when translating from French, when people said "Merci" and "Oui", so did the sub-titles ... well they did some of the time. And some of the time they said "Thank-you" and "Yes" instead. That sort of inconsistency annoys me.

On Sunday we breakfasted out and since we're on the hunt for a new breakfast spot (since Doppio removed my favourite item from their menu), we decided to try a Newscafe. Very silly mistake that neither of us will be making again! The service was dreadful. The waiters were only vaguely aware we were there (try catching someone's eye for a simple glass of water, Varen eventually got up and went to ask what we assumed was the manager!). The food was fine, but there's nothing I despise more than TV's in restaurants ... well except for TVs in restaurants with the sound blaring when there are but 5 tables with guests. I DO NOT want to hear this crap on TV. It does not make for good background noise. It's annoying and when I asked if they could at least turn it down ... do you think they did anything? Not a chance. At least the food (I had Eggs Benedict with Spinach & Feta) was quite decent, but their Peanut Butter & Banana milkshake has nothing on Global Wrapp's ... I would've had better luck eating it with a spoon :P

We didn't do much else on Sunday except get a little grocery shopping done - the fridge was bare when I got home!

I mostly spent the day downloading my photo's, trying to pick my favourite few for emailing to the family and to post of Fakebook (haven't put any up on my blog profile, they're all on my personal one ... you'll have to wait for the pictures on here ;) )

I took Monday off because I'll admit I was a little nervous of the jet-lag that has never appeared. But I have some admin things to get done today as well as schedule my holiday posts (so far I've only got 2 done ... this could take a while!). I don't think I could ever go back to arriving home from a trip on a Sunday and going back to work on a Monday, it's just too frenetic and one really does need a little home-time after being away (if only to sort thru photos and re-bond with bunnies ;) ).


Tamara said...

Welcome back! I'm looking forward to the holiday posts and pics.

AngelConradie said...

And!!?!?!? Did you see polar bears!!!??

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