Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's the Little Things

So it has been a quiet week by recent standards, and I'm not complaining one bit!

I skipped SCM Dinner on Monday night cause I had a headache ... unusual for me but I guess it was just my body slowing me down and telling me to take an easy night at home :)

On Tuesday evening Beukes and I were both going to be home so decided to have our inaugural house-mate dinner :) I made Mexican mince and we had tortilla's. It was delish ... although my mince wasn't quite up to standard since I forget that I don't have a cupboard full of basics these days :) But this is the way we figure stuff out ... I need a cutting board and some decent knives and a few tomato paste sashays.

On Wednesday I had booked myself a Full Body Swedish Massage ... we'd got a voucher from work about a million months ago and it had been lying around in my bag (I know, the sacrilege). It was pretty damn awesome but this morning I'm feeling a little tender around the shoulders ...

I was supposed to have dinner with some friends last night but it got canceled so instead I ended up watching 5 new episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Brilliant :)

And this is where the week stops being quiet and relaxed. I have a lunch with some old colleagues (I think, depends if we can finally get ourselves organised), book club this evening, a possible party on Friday night and then a Camera course the whole day Saturday. Shoo.

Oh, and *hopefully* Telkom will show up as scheduled tomorrow and install my voice line and then I'll also be buying my couch this weekend. Yes, life is still very, very good :)

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