Monday, February 08, 2010

Welcome Roomie

Friday evening started the weekend out slowly. I spent ages in traffic trying to get from my new home to my lovely vet so that he could inspect Rex's sore feet again (although, as I mentioned, this time he seemed to have an irritation on both his front paws that he was chewing at and making worse). It wasn't as bad as it looked to me (I couldn't really get a good look tho). It's not an open wound as I thought it was, it's just a callous forming that he's irritating.

But I did get his very long nails clipped, which I think I will do (well, not me personally, I will keep taking him to the vet for that, he squirms wa-ay too much for me to try attempting it!) every 3 months or so from now on.

And then I went home to make myself some dinner and clear out my spare room.

On Friday morning I'd got an sms from my friend Beukes, who I'd offered my spare room to way back when I first moved in. I figured he must've found himself another place by now and had thought nothing more of it ... being quite happy with living on my lonesome at this stage, actually. In truth, I don't mind either way and did rather leave it up to fate to decide if I lived alone or not. Beukes is the only person I offered the room to (it's not like I'm on the desperate hunt for a house-mate and put it on gumtree or anything!!). So anyway, he wanted to know if my room was still available.

So, yeah, I had to clear out my spare room (which had basically turned itself into a laundry room in the last few weeks of rain ;) ) and he moved in on Saturday. Has been kinda weird getting used to someone else "wandering the halls" and what not, but I don't forsee any problems with the two of us co-habiting. Hell, our mom's are even planning a trip up here to visit together apparently ;) (Did I mention I've known Beukes since he was about in Standard 2/Grade 4?)

Saturday I was up early doing admin type stuff, getting keys cut and remotes set for his impending move and I bought myself a new shower-head. Can I just say I think it's the best R250 I've spent during this entire move? I *love* it!

I can't remember what else I did on Saturday, I did laze around watching more Eddie Izzard dvds :) And later, @saulkza & @nadgia came over to see my new place and we went off to Yamada for some sushi (yum!). They gave me a beautiful orchid as a house-warming gift ... which I promise to try and keep alive :)

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Sunday was made up of equal parts productive and laziness :) The morning started early-ish with a trip to Builder's Warehouse to buy some more bricks to finish off the bunny-hutch area. And I decided to buy some of those "sheets" of grass you see them selling on the side of the road to try out in the hutch as a possible solution to Rex's sore feet (it's that they need cushioning, which is why we originally tried the yoga mats, but grass is obviously ideal for them). I love it so far, I only needed 3 sheets (at R8 a sheet, hell if I have to buy replacements every 2 weeks, I'm happy to do that!). It makes the hutch looks so much nicer inside and they seem to like it so far - although they seemed a little confused by it initially.

And then CollegeInstructor and I headed off to Miss B's and the three of us went for (what turned into) a long lazy boozy lunch at Piatto. A truly perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We shared a delish garlic & mozarella focaccia. I had the butternut panzerotti as my main (very nice! I was expecting to have a few left-overs for today, but there were none) and then we ordered 3 different desserts to taste.


Louisa said...

The grass in the hutch looks great! I hope it helps the bunny with his feet.

AngelConradie said...

I can imagine the boons confusion by the sudden appearance of grass INSIDE the hutch! My furry masters are also very cautious around new stuff in the house- or even just moving furniture around!!

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