Friday, March 19, 2010

All I Can Eat

Yay, yay, Mom is here. Sucks being at work while she has a relaxing day at home tho :( But I'm sure the day will fly and then we have a nice long weekend together ... which no doubt will be filled with shopping and other fun mother-daughter pursuits :) Yay.

Last night, before going to fetch Mom tho, Beukes, CollegeInstructor and I headed off to the Spur for their all-you-can-eat Rib Night. I know, I can't believe I went to the Spur either. Honestly I haven't been in years! And the last time was with Bean at ORT and it was an awful experience that put me off completely.

But aside from the fact that you have to have buffalo wings with your first plate, it was delish. I was not particularly keen on the whole buffalo wing idea, but they were nice too. And my first plate of ribs was sublime :) It's strange to me that on your repeat plates they only bring you a plate with ribs or wings or a combination, no starch with it ... you'd think that would fill people up so they'd be eating less? But I did enjoy a trip down memory lane drowning my chips in Spur's yummy salad dressing :) I only managed half of my second plate of ribs before I had to leave. Plus they weren't as delish as the first plate.

the only real down-side to Spur's Rib Night (every Thursday, I gather?) is that you still have to wait for your food to arrive, a far cry from the ready-to-eat-on-arrival Pizza's at Panarotti's all-you-can-eat pizza night (also Thursdays, I have yet to go, but the boys have been for the last 2 Thursdays!), so it wasn't ideal for me who was in a rush.

And then it was off to Lanseria. Now I know I've sung the praises of Lanseria many times before. And still, I think it is the way to go, if only because Kulula is the only airline using it so there is inevitably just your plane-load of people to compete with for luggage and parking spaces. The problem is trying to get to Lanseria and back in the dark. Sheesh but that road is terrifying. There are no lights, plenty of trucks (even at 8pm at night!) and random stop-signs that pop out of no where! *shiver* Anyhoo, Mom arrived safely, and I got her home safely. Yay for a long weekend with The Mom.

Ps. And thanks to The Peeb who was organised enough to send my 30th Birthday Present up here with Mom ... it's staying wrapped till the Big Day :)

Ps. Am contemplating doing a 365 project from my 30th till mt 31st. I think I'm tempted because it's a pretty significant milestone (rather than just one random year). But I'm not sure I can commit to a photo-a-day. And it's not the posting them that worries me, as Louisa suggested .... because honestly I probably won't post them here, they'll probably be elsewhere under my actual name. It's more the remembering to take a photo every day and lugging my camera around with me constantly. But I started thinking about it when I tried using my camera on Sunday, for the first time since I did my camera course, and realised I could barely remember any of it! I want it to become a habit. So that's what's driving me for now ... Just over a month to change my mind - hee hee.

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