Friday, March 05, 2010

More Annoyance

Urgh. Life is just irritating me this week. I haven't been in a great mood. I have to do something I don't want to this weekend (confrontation is not my thing, okay?) and life is turning sour.

So, I finally got an answer on when my dining-room table should be arriving. Brace yourselves. Mid-June. Yes, that's right, three and a half months. I have no freaking clue where it's coming from, my best guess is that either it hasn't even been made in that far off destination yet or that they are planning to ship it piece by piece by canoe :P I promptly told them to refund my money and to call me when it arrived, on the off chance that I hadn't found myself another dining-room table in that time. Which to be fair I may not have ... as I said before it's not a must-have purchase right now. Although I think I should probably step-up the purchase of a couch now that I'm not expecting to be spending on dining-room chairs any time soon either :P Sigh. Frustrated much, yes.

And then I had a lovely dinner at JB's corner with some work friends last night. But just before we left I checked my phone and found out my house alarm had gone off 4 times. Beukes had called to say something weird was going on with the alarm when he'd gone out but I had assumed he'd got it sorted. I found out just how screwy the situation is this morning when I tried to switch off the alarm ... with nothing bypassed and the damn thing "ready" and NOT armed, it kept going off :P Not ideal at 06h30. Seriously, it happened like 4 times in a row before he came and showed me how he got round it ... just a now apparently broken alarm system to the conversation I have to have with the landlady this weekend and you must know how excited I am about the prospect of it :(

Seriously folks, where di my mojo go?


Tamara said...

Shame, Phil. I hope the weekend is super awesome to make up for the crap week.

Caz said...

ugh that is flippen annoying! shame lady. stupid irritating annoying people and computers and companies. ugh.

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