Monday, March 15, 2010

More Weekend Madness

Another awesome weekend, although I really am feeling that time is just flying by lately. The weeks and the weekends.

Anyhoo, on Friday evening I went to Sophia's for dinner with J9-double0blonde. I had their Panzerotti di Zucco which is Pasta pouches filled with pumpkin and cheese in a broccoli wine and cream sauce. It was quite yummy. Although the restaurant looks pretty average from the mall-side (the entrance), I saw later on that there is an awesome balcony on the other side. So I think I'll be going back sometime to try out their balcony and another one of their pasta's (the Ravioli Paphos, filled with haloumi cheese and mint in a tomato basil sauce, sounds worth a try!)

On Saturday morning I got a bunch of admin done. Had to drop off my over-flowing recycling, buy the bunnies more food, collect post. And then I went and looked at a few more furniture places (didn't find anything appealing :( ). I also met up with @themba_m who sold me his old wireless router.

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So on Saturday afternoon I got myself all signed up with Afrihost (yay for R29 a Gb!) And then gave up for the afternoon, although Afrihost was super efficient about activating my adsl, I wasn't up for the hassle at 4pm on Saturday afternoon and figured I'd leave it till the week (I was amazed and how useful and efficient Telkom and Afrihost turned out to be on the weekend!). On Sunday afternoon I re-tackled my not-yet connected internet and it turned out there's a fault on the Telkom line :( Oh well, so now we wait yet again for Telkom to sort themselves out. (Naturally you can't diagnose a problem like that till the router is connected, so there's no way they could've told me about this before I actually tried to set up my internet! Sigh).

And then on Saturday evening I headed off to @tfrayne's 80s themed birthday bash. And what a party it was, everyone was dressed-up and in the spirit of things :) Sigh, I do enjoy a good house-party, far more than actually going to a club. At least at a house party, there's usually a way to connect back to anyone you meet, you know? Someone can vouch for them, they're not as much of a random stranger. Not that I met anyone at this party, sadly :(

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On Sunday morning I woke up after only 5hrs sleep and let the bunnies have a run around. And then headed off to Mr Price Home where I *finally* bought my couch. I'm rather disappointed in myself actually, because although I'venknown for ages exactly what I was going to buy, I've been putting off the actual purchase and they've now completely sold out (like none in the whole of Joburg or Pretoria!) of the ladder-desk that I wanted :(

The couch should be delivered later today (yay!). And then I headed off to spend a beautiful lazy Sunday on the grass at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens with Arkwife and her lovely family (Arkbaby is sooo cute!).

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Ps. Mom is arriving on Thursday, can't wait!


Louisa said...

Wow, your weekend was busy! I'm sorry I missed you guys on Sunday... :-(

Ruby said...

Still totally bummed that i missed you guys on sunday:/ *hugs* Glad bout the couch tho!

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