Wednesday, April 14, 2010

30th Birthday Wishlist

Okay, I'd say this is probably a far from complete list, but it's what I've thought of so far ...

1. An awesome kick-ass kitchen knife
Boring, I know. But I think one should at least own one awesome kitchen knife and it's one of those household purchases that I just haven't got round to yet ... can anyone say Wusthof? (I don't really know, but apparently that's *the* name in kitchen knives ...?)

2. A Ladder Desk from Mr Price
Yet another thing I haven't yet got round to getting for myself (kinda got distracted with the dining-room table & chairs). I was kinda putting it off until I actually got the internet all sorted out and (miraculously) that has now happened.

3. This boudoir chair from Boardmans that I'm absolutely in love with
I can't explain why I absolutely adore this chair, but I do. I am very upset that the one I used to go and visit in The Design Quarter appears to be sold. (Yes, I like to visit my furniture regularly before I buy it ... I did it with my couch and my ladder desk as well!)

4. More distressed photo frames for my wall
So none of them are actually hung up yet, but that's how it's looking so far laid out on my (hideously blue) floor. Ideally I like to go pick these out myself but will tell you that my favourite place to find them is at the Rosebank Rooftop Market, there's a fabulous stall there where I've bought all of them so far.

5. The Lady of Abu Simbel by Christian Jacq (Book 4 in his Ramses series)
I managed to buy all 4 others in this 5-book series (the Simon & Schuster Edition) but have yet to be able to get my hands on this one ... naturally, being me, I don't just need the book, I need the book that matches the rest of my set ;) More specifically, that exact one in the picture -->

6. A gladtobeagirl necklace from Collect Fine Jewelry
I love these word-necklaces, they are such fun :)

7. One of those giant silver standing cats holding a bowl from Dera Kera
Damn, was kinda hoping they'd have a picture on their site I could use cause I know how confusing that must sound ... but they don't. Oh well, at least I know what I'm talking about, right?


Anonymous said...

Great wishlist! :) That boudoir chair really is stunning.

Anonymous said...

I love the ladder desk from Mr Price. I keep trying to find a place to put it in my house as I already have a desk in my office :(

Anonymous said...

Lovely list!
Hope you get all of the items for your birthday!

tanyadeville said...

loving that chair!

Tamara said...

The chair is pretty awesome.

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