Friday, April 23, 2010

Last Working Day Before 30

I almost posted yesterday, in fact I wrote4 out a venting post but never hit publish on it. And I'm glad I didn't. It was enough to write it out and register my annoyance. And then I phoned my Mom and she made me feel much better. Like she always does :) Actually yesterday, for the first time, I noticed the value of someone validating ones annoyance. Not to encourage it, but just to have someone tell you that you know what, what the other person did was wrong and rude and you have a right to be upset and annoyed by it.

Anyway, onto better things. On Wednesday evening I watched Whip It, as recommended by The Divine Miss M, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I was kinda surprised I enjoyed it, I didn't quite know what to expect when I heard it was about "Roller-Derby" (I mean wtf is that really?!) but I really did :) I would definitely recommend you watch this if you enjoyed Juno or Little Miss Sunshine or movies like that.

And last night I finally sent out my 30th Birthday Dinner Party invites. Yes, it has taken ages, I realised I was trying to be too accommodating to everyone and that was what had been upsetting me the last few days. So I threw caution to the wind and decided to draw a line in the sand and pick dates and send out the invites. To those who can come, yay and I look forward to seeing you there. To those who can't, sorry for you. It is, after all, *my* birthday.

But yes, having now done that, I have only 1 single weekend sans plans until July. It's going to be a hectic few months, but I am so so looking forward to it :)

Ps. Tattoo day is tomorrow and I'm *really* starting to get nervous about the permanence of the whole thing now. Although I've printed out my logo and sized it to what I want and honestly, it's going to be quite subtle still. So, that said, I am also quite excited :) Another thing I'm nervous about is my Project 365 that I'm starting on Monday, the big Three-Oh. I'm more nervous that the photos will be rubbish and that I'll forget to take one every day or that the pressure to take one every day will have me running around like a headless chicken hunting out "the perfect photo". But I'll see how it goes ;) And no, before you ask, I'm not putting the link on my blog because my Project 365 will be in a personal capacity.

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