Monday, May 24, 2010

Cape Town Celebrations

What a whirlwind weekend in Cape Town :) Sadly I think I'm getting sick now :( Fell asleep before 9pm last night, woke up with a blocked nose and a very sore throat at half-past-midnight and again just after 2am.

But, back to the weekend :) The trip to Lanseria was a little fraught. I don't know what but I got my times completely muddled and only really left the office about 15mins before I should've been arriving there. Lanseria is a good 45mins away in traffic, and there is *always* traffic on that awful road, and trucks, and stop-go's. So was having a serious panic when I also continued to hit every single red-robot en route.

But I made it in time and even got an aisle seat, 2nd row from the front! And then I arrived at the newly revamped Cape Town airport. Sheesh but the place has changed, I didn't recognise it at all! Plus it led to all sorts of tricky instructions trying to find my folks at the pick-up point (that stayed in the same place but I came out of the airport in a completely different exit. (To be honest their signage to the pick-up point kinda sucks at the moment).

And then it was back to Dad's house and some family friends came round for a drink. It was kinda weird being on time-share with my folks for the first time - haha.

On Saturday morning I'd made an appointment to see a Numerologist (she figures stuff out based on the numbers from your date of birth and name) my mom has been going to (even The Peeb has been). I've never tried any other sort of fortune-telling type stuff before, but Mom has done loads of it, from Tarot to Astrology to Psychics. But hey, as I said, 30 is my year of trying new things so off I went.

It was quite interesting. I'm not sure I believe in all of it tho. Apparently my life lesson is "Betrayal by Men". There was more stuff written here but it got weirdly corrupted and now I have no idea anymore what it said o_0

Then I hung out with Dad for a bit, and we had a bit of an impromtu trip to Kalk Bay but, because we had started out going shopping I hadn't taken my camera with me :( It is always lovely to see the sea tho :) And then it was time to move to Mom's new house. So glad to have finally seen her new little house, I think it's perfect for her, it's so light and airy. and then the 2 of us went to visit The Peeb for tea.

On Saturday evening I got all dressed up and we headed off to Kitima's in Hout Bay for my 30th birthday celebration with the family. It was awesome. They seated the 11 of us at a round table in a beautiful private room. The food was yummy. I would definitely recommend the Spring Roll Platter (my starter), I think it's such a cool idea to offer one of each Spring Roll :) Then I had the Red Duck Curry for mains which was good, but I would order something different if I went again. And then for dessert I had their Dark Chocolate Chili Mousse, which doesn't look like much, but it packs a punch! I also got a 2nd dessert with a candle in it :)

Did I mention I made use of the bath at both the folks' houses on each night of my stay? Can you tell how much I miss lazing in a bath with my book? A lot.

On Sunday morning I met up with Jam and The Divine Miss M at Bistro 1682 for brunch. Was so lovely seeing them both and catching up in such a gorgeous setting. And the food was yummy too :)

Am so glad I had such lovely weather for my weekend down there! I didn't do much else except hang out with Mom & Dad before I had to head back to the airport :(


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time (and now I'm a little homesick for CT!!)

Hope the bug you caught goes away quickly!!

Tamara said...

Aww, sucks that you're feeling sick. Hope it goes away soon.

Sounds like a fabulous birthday weekend with the family.

The Divine Miss M said...

Hope you get better soon hon. Was so good to see you :)

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