Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dark Origins by Anthony E. Zuiker

If the world knew anything about Sqweegel, we'd never leave the house. Not that staying inside would make us safe...The only people who have ever heard that awful name are in the highly secret Special Circumstances unit at the FBI. He is a psychopath who has killed and tortured more than thirty five people over a span of twenty three years. The only person who has ever come close to catching him is Steve Dark, and he's left the business. After what happened to Dark's family, few blame him. But after a period of quiet, Sqweegel makes himself known again, and this time the victim has connections to the very highest corridors of power. Now, the man in charge demands results and is prepared to raise the stakes for all the special agents who failed so many times before. With their jobs - and their lives - on the line, the call goes out. Find Steve Dark and bring him back into the fold. It's the only hope they've got.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I read it in a weekend. The only thing I really didn't like was the bad-guy's name "Sqweegel". It does not read easily and constantly annoyed me. Other than that, great stuff and I look forward to more!

* This book is part of the Level 26 series: Dark Origins (2009)

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Anonymous said...

oooh, sounds like a good book. I'm making a note and will definitely read it

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