Monday, June 14, 2010

Four of Six

Still in that weird headspace. Not exactly pleasant, honestly. It's like I'm not in the mood to do anything, but I do still keep myself doing stuff ... and I don't have a bad time and sit there wishing I was at home or anything like that. It's more that nothing is really exciting me at the moment, I guess.

Anyway, on Friday we left the office at 2pm and walked up Rivonia Rd to the Keg&Filly (figured the traffic and parking would be nightmarish) with a whole bunch of the work crowd to watch the opening game. The vibe was truly awesome. I have no real clue as to what happened in the actual game (that was probably the most boring part of the afternoon/evening for me), but I do know we drew 1 all with Mexico.

On Saturday I had another dinner party, this time with the Cape Town crowd. As I said I wasn't really in the mood for it, but I ended up having a nice evening and the food worked out really well :) I made the smoked snoek bobotie in poppadum cups I was going to make last week (so easy to make and so impressive to serve!). So shopping should've been a breeze - I only had to get salad stuff and replace the smoked snoek. But no, in a style I'm getting used to, I had to go to *four* Woolies branches before I found the smoked snoek. In the end I just headed straight to 4ways (although I despise having to go there on a Saturday after 9am because it is *always* chaos), because they're the only shop that ever seems to have stock of the ingredients I actually need :P So unimpressed by Woolies these days.

I didn't end up going out after dinner either.

Sunday was pretty quiet. After the busy week I'd had all I wanted to do was hang out in my pajamas and catch up on Series. Which I did :) I also did some more house shopping and finally bought bath mats, hand towels and bath towels :) YAY!

*series spoilers ahead*
So in the last week, I've finished a lot of the latest seasons of the series I watch. First was Lost s06, the final Lost installment. Which was truly rubbish, such a cop-out and had huge gaping holes in it! The whole season actually was a total waste of time. Now I've gone thru ups and downs with Lost, but generally I've enjoyed it. I think it's very tricky to have a series with this many characters and at the end of the whole show I still can't figure out who I actually liked. I do know I couldn't stand Ben or Locke. I also couldn't stand any of this whole Jacob story-line. Urgh. It's annoying just thinking about it.

Then I finished House (only had the last episode left to watch). Definitely an interesting end, I'm looking forward to the next season as always.

I finished Accidentally on Purpose, which has been cancelled after s01. whic is think is just fine. It's basically just Knocked Up in series form, so light entertainment.

Urgh, I love Criminal Minds but I *hate* "To be continued" finales! Also, am devastated to see how badly Tim Curry has aged ... I will now spend a minute just thinking of him as the awesome Frank in RHPS, sigh.

The season finale of Grey's s06 was also very cool. Although I seem to have had a far tamer reaction than most people ... it was an awesome double-episode, but really, all the characters they killed off were pretty mundane anyways (my only worry is Karev, I'll be annoyed if they kill him off!). The rest was fairly predictable, in my opinion and I definitely wasn't manually holding my jaw up like I was at the end of the last season.

ps. you may have noticed I screwed up my numbering. I actually only have 5 dinner parties planned ... the sixth party (in my head and where the confusion came in) was the work cheese&wine. I only have 2 dinner parties left - wow, it seemed like there were so many when I first started planning them!

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Tamara said...

I can't believe you had to go to four Woolies branches AGAIN! If that wasn't so annoying it would be funny.

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