Monday, June 07, 2010

Two of Six

Another good weekend, another Monday. Wow, the year is really flying by.

Friday night was quiet, went and had a drink and some dinner at JDs with CollegeInstructor and MissB.

Saturday I decided what I was making for my 30th Birthday Dinner with the Bookclub girls and headed out to get the ingredients. By the time I got home with all the ingredients (13h15 or so), the power in the neighbourhood had gone out. So I went shopping while I waited for it to come back on. I think I spent a fortune on clothes on Saturday, but it was so needed, I can't remember when last I actually bought clothes ... (those 2 dresses in December maybe?).

Power still wasn't on by 4pm which is when I suspected I should've started cooking. So instead I got ready to host the dinner without power ... by the end of it, my dining room looked ready for a seance, rather than a dinner party :) But, I had candles, cupcakes and wine ... we were in for a good night anyway!

The girls arrived and there was still no power (it came on sometime after midnight while I was asleep) so we ordered some pizza. The amusing part is that we'd done that on the first book club I'd hosted after I moved, but then I still had no furniture and we sat around eating pizza and drinking wine on the floor ... at least this time we had chairs - haha! I had a lovely evening and got completely spoilt!

Did get quite drunk tho (didn't realise it at the time, until I tried to go to bed and felt quite ill) - I realised when I woke up on Sunday that I hadn't eaten between breakfast (around 11h30) and dinner (20h30) the day before. I have been eating weirdly lately. The other night I didn't even have dinner and I wasn't hungry the next morning either. Weird.

Sunday I spent most of the day hanging out with DJMike stocking up on Series. Luckily the house wasn't in too much of a state (ah, the other perks of take-out!). I ended the day with a bit of a Lost marathon in bed (am on episode 13 of the final Season, don't spoil it!).

And then I woke up this morning to find we had no power *again*. It's fucking annoying. And tried again to remind myself that my alarm will be going off a full 2 hours earlier tomorrow because I am crazy enough to be doing the Gautrain Inaugural Breakfast Run! Madness.

There's other stuff going on. I'm feeling oddly blue. Am also feeling a little self-destructive. This feeling has been here for at least a week and I can't seem to shake it :P Am feeling disconnected from my family and a little lost generally. I also need a boy-crush. Although it's weird, I feel like I have absolutely no space in my life for another person right now, I am still longing for that excited feeling, that anticipation of watching mutual interest unfold. Urgh. Sadly as busy as I am socially, I'm not really meeting anyone new and certainly no potential boy-crushes. It's getting me down in my current state because I start to wonder if I'll ever meet someone I want to be involved with again.

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