Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ups and Downs

Went to 27Dinner last night ... you know, this week is turning out to be as busy as my last one, with only tonight off! Sheesh, I swear it was practically empty like a minute ago.

Anyway, back to last night. I arrived thinking it was awfully naive of them to schedule a 120-person event in Parkhurst (you know, the place with no discernible parking so everyone just takes over all the dead-end side roads), but the venue was fabulous. I absolutely adore what the Vitamin Water pop-up store has done! We started the evening with Vitamin Water cocktails (awesome!) and some very very yummy food and settled in on bean-bags "networking" (haha!). I did meet some new people and get to know some colleagues a little better last night tho, so I suppose it actually was networking :)

I must say that after last night's speaker, I am now super keen to get to the Tech4Africa conference! Although it seems unlikely a) because of cost and b) because I'll hopefully be in Peru when it's on :)

So yeah, was lovely to see / meet @saulkza, @Jenty, @Exmi, @Christian_Simba, @mach1prodigy and @shahil.

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In other news I am in a very weird place emotionally / mentally. I'm more than disconnected from my family right now, I don't quite know how it happened but I went from speaking to my Mom at least every 2nd day to now barely speaking once a week. I don't know how to fix it, even when we do talk it feels empty :( And my brain is on a serious wear down my self-esteem mission :P Everything about life just seems a little overwhelming at the moment altho, somehow, at the same time everything also seems a little mundane :P Contradictory, much? Spot the single girl at the hormone party :P Sigh, I need something sparkly to pop into my life and make for some excitement. Some excitement that last longer than 40seconds. Sigh. Even planning Peru is not the pick-me-up I was hoping for. So yeah. I'm crazy, I know :P

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*~*~*~*~ Sending you some 'sparkle'

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