Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Post-Holiday Blues

Sigh. I did not wake up feeling happy this morning. Rather I was quite overwhelmed with the whole real-life-ness of everything. I can't remember when I felt like this (no doubt sometime back when I was dating Varen and my life was *far* more mundane and I spent ages wondering if that was as good as it got ... but luckily it wasn't!).

I can only put this down to post-holiday blues. But honestly, if I thought I could've gotten away with it, I would've switched off the alarm and stayed in bed and panic-ed all day about all the grown-up adult and responsible things that need doing in life (even more so now that I've spent a blissful 3 weeks far from thinking about any of them!). Omg, I own an apartment again. And my tenant has just moved out (her lease with the previous owner was up at the end of August and she decided not to renew it because while I was waiting for transfer to go thru, she put an offer in on her own place which she's moving to instead ... which makes total sense, but sucks for me!). So I have a month to find myself a new tenant. Sigh. Admin. I have to sort out my Tax (urgh). I have to get round to booking all those annoying annual doctors/dentist visits.

And then there is all the day-to-day nonsense that I'm avoiding. Yes, not every day is the same, and let's be honest, my life could be more boring ... by midday yesterday I had plans for every evening this week until Saturday! (Sheesh).

I'm sure this too will pass, as life just rolls on and things just happen and it all just has to get done (let's just take it one day at a time, okay?). But honestly, I'd often rather just hide away and ignore all the responsible things.

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AngelConradie said...

I think a wonderful, exciting, and properly long holiday is something that needs a bit of an adjustment from... especially if you actually relaxed properly!

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