Tuesday, September 07, 2010

12 August: Arequipa to Chivay

This morning we left the hotel around 08h30 after the best breakfast we've had on this trip so far. Usually it's just rolls with butter (and jam, if we're lucky!) with tea and a glass of (usually) gorgeous fresh fruit juice (often papaya which is fab!).

We got to see Vicunas, Alpacas & Llamas on the drive as we climbed in altitude. We even spotted an Andean Rabbit (which is apparently officially called a Viscacha - I love Wikipedia!). We arrived in Chivay in time for a huge buffet lunch, which was quite nice because we got to taste a variety of different things.

After lunch we went to our hotel, The Colca Inn. Then we took a 45min walk to the nearby Hot Springs. Wow, it is definitely educational walking at altitude, am a little terrified for The Lares Trek now. "Dude, look out for the pterodactyls!"

We didn't actually end up swimming in the Hot Springs (about 3 normal looking swimming pools packed with people). It was already after 5pm so the outside air was quite chilly already. We took a walk across the Colca River and had a look at some Incan Terraces (they had Gummy steps!).

Dinner was at what felt like a *very* touristy restaurant with local dancing. It wasn't very entertaining, honestly, until the last dance (of 4) which told a bit of a story (was quite hysterical with whipping!). After that, most of us got pulled up to dance around the room, all linked arm to arm in a chain, with them. The food wasn't great but, it turned out to be more of a fun evening than we thought initially. And after it all, we decided to walk back to our hotel to cool down :)


po said...

Aw the laamas and co are so cute! I think the only reason I want to go to South America is to see them!

AngelConradie said...

We saw so many Alpacas in Oz!!
I am glad for you that your group was a good one. I've never done a group tour like that but getting on with the other people in the group would worry me...

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