Tuesday, September 14, 2010

17 August: Puno to Cusco

Another day spent mostly on a public bus, but this time I sat next to @UselessRob so we watched the in-flight (?) movies and played cards. They showed The A-Team and Knight and Day (both with Spanish subtitles). The A-Team seemes pretty good, as action movies go, but Knight and Day was absolute rubbish!

We arrived in Cusco around 3pm and came straight to our hotel, Hotel Pascana, to dump our luggage and then headed off on a walk around town. That was all a bit of a blur really because we hadn't really eaten since breakfast but, before we went to get a very late lunch / early dinner, we went to walk around a local market before it closed.

We had our very late lunch / early dinner at Jack's Cafe Bar, which was truly delish! I had an enormous veggie burger. I am so loving all this avo!

We also went past the 12 Angles Stone (better named the 12-sided stone ... aside from the fact that they seem to have forgotten entirely that as a stone it is 3 dimensional and did not bother to count the front or the back as a side, but that's just my opinion :P). I'm not sure I'm very impressed. We also saw Seven Snake (Siete Culebras) Alley ...

After that we headed off to our Lares Trek briefing. Now that we have come down in altitude and are not huffing and puffing on every uphill and I've heard what our trek actually entails, I'm feeling quite relieved and excited about it. I won't lie, I've been quite nervous thinking about it since arriving in Peru. I've also rented a walking stick for the trek because I've heard they are quite useful.

And then, since we have a free day in Cusco tomorrow, we all went out drinking. Well, @UselessRob, the 2 Aussie girls and I did. We ended up at Paddy's Irish Pub (the highest Irish Pub in the world, apparently). It was an evening of much hysteria and crazy photos by the time we moved on from there.

Our Tour Leader came and joined us later in the evening and took us to a more local bar with a local band playing. We ended up coming home around midnight. It was a really good evening :)

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Tamara said...

Let's see if Blogger will let me post comments on your blog today (tried three times on Fri).

I loved A Team. Especially Murdock... so funny.

There must be a Paddy's Irish Pub in every country in the world! Sounds like fun.

AngelConradie said...

I haven't seen A-Team yet...
I think its very funny that you ended up in an Irish pub while visiting Peru!

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