Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Weekend

Ah, another weekend. Honestly, time seems to have sped up since I got back from Peru. And it's hard for me to believe there are only 7 more Peru blog posts to come.

Anyway. On Friday I went for after-work drinks. Ahh, have missed those :) We tried the local Newscafe since we are still scarred by the shocking service we received at Capello's last time. I ordered a frozen margarita to start and will never make that mistake again! It was *revolting*. Honestly, it tasted like they'd spilled an entire container of salt into my glass. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I couldn't finish it and ordered a strawberry daiquiri to get rid of the awful salty flavour. Much better.

And then I headed home at a reasonable hour. But I felt like dancing. So I decided to take Frenchie to The Hat :) Yes, folks, I voluntarily went, nay, proposed even, going to The Hat. It was great fun and exactly what I needed. We came home early at 1am because her knees were hurting.

Saturday started with a general grocery shop and then I took Frenchie to discover the wonder of retail therapy at Melrose Arch :) Oh boy and shop I did. 2 pairs of earrings, 1 dress, 1 work top, 2 printed tops and 4 plain tops later it was time to head home.

And then, since it was still too warm to let the bunnies out to play, I watched The Fantastic Mr Fox. Generally I don't fin animated movies all that much fun, this wasn't an exception. I mean it was good, and I was more impressed by the stop frame animation than in that silly Wallace & Gromit movie. But, there is only so much suspending of reality I can do ... and if you're going to expect me to do it you should really play by your own rules. Why can all the animals speak and stand on 2 legs *except* the dogs? And why is a rat bigger than a fox? Anyway, as entertainment goes, it was a perfectly suitable way to spend my Saturday afternoon

I forget if I did anything else on Saturday, I suspect I didn't.

On Sunday I went for a walk around the neighbourhood again. I'm really enjoying that :) And then @louisabouwer came over for a visit. It was lovely, we sat out on the lawn (which is pretty useless and still dead and dry at the moment), enjoying the warmth of the day from under the shade of a tree, sipping on strawberry cocktails and eating popcorn :)

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For dinner CollegeInstructor and I headed off in hunt of Chuckleberry's. They used to be fantastic, but it seems they're all closing down (Randburg & Rivonia have both closed). When we got to the one in Lonehill, we were the only people in the place and, my burger wasn't as fabulous as I remembered them being. I think from now on I'll stick with the fabulousness that is Gourment Garage. Not least of all because they have those sublime cheese&chili fries. Yum.

After that I decided to watch Definitely, Maybe. Awe, sweet. Just the kinda feel good film I was in the mood for :) And it has a great cast too. I liked it.

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AngelConradie said...

I haven't seen either of those movies... and I vaguely remember that I wanted to see Fantastic Mr Fox.

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