Thursday, September 02, 2010

First Week Back

So, as I said before, being home means being back to crazy busy weeks :) Which is awesome ... although it does mean that the house is still covered on all the non-clothes items I unpacked on Saturday and haven't sorted thru yet. Terrible, I know.

But I have been slowly making a bit of a dent in my #365 project. In a lot of ways, it's as hard as doing the blog posts because there are so many photos to choose from for each day. But I'm up to the 12th August so far.

On Monday night I went to SCM Dinner. It was lovely to be back, especially since @clairam made a truly delish goulash! Although there was a fairly small crowd there, most of whom I'd already caught up with on Saturday evening.

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On Tuesday evening I went to @jarredcinman's for another delish dinner (yay, have not yet had to buy a single grocery since arriving home ;) ). He made us a *very* nice Vegan pasta dish (although he specially bought some feta for me!) and I took along a very nice bottle of wine. It was an awesome catch-up evening and I took my laptop along to show him the photos (his request, ordinarily I would never bore anyone with *all* of them). Had a bit of a panic attack because I hadn't been thru all my pics yet and I noticed quite a few were missing. Checked the baby-camera when I got home and they're all still on there (and this is why I *never* delete holiday photos immediately!), but hadn't copied across. Seems the battery had run out so haven't yet been able to get them safely off there. But have decided that this weekend I'm going to have to invest in a new storage drive for my photos, the laptop is just about full! I suspect it has to do with the images being so much bigger these days and the fact that I'm taking multitudes more since starting my #365. Will be good to have them all backed up somewhere too.

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And then last night I went to *finally* watch Inception, which actually opened just before I left. Couldn't believe it was still showing ... more so tho, I couldn't believe I wasn't the only person in the cinema at the 17h45 show. How annoying. It was like going to watch a normal-time movie. Pfft.

But, the movie was quite brilliant. What a fun concept. The only thing I think they did wrong was to start the movie with a scene from the end. Often it works quite well to set a movie up, but by the end I felt like it had just been a waste in this movie and entirely unnecessary. And I will admit it took a while to figure out what was going on as they only explained some things later in the movie, but I that I'm entirely okay with :) Seriously if you haven't (cause clearly I wasn't the last person in the world to go see it, as I was expecting), go and watch it.

And after the movie I popped round to my new little studio apartment. I hadn't seen it since I'd put the offer in way back in March. The old tenant had brought the keys round on Tuesday after she'd moved out and had the place cleaned. Wow, even at night I still like the place. I even had a moment of wondering if I could in fact move in there myself ... okay it would mean putting a fair amount of stuff that I bought this year into storage, it only being a studio, but it's not as tiny as I remembered it. And the garden is probably about as big as the bed-lounge area of the unit too. Sigh, but although it's not *miles* away, it's the wrong side of traffic for me and I'm not sure I could live with that! But yay, I'm glad to still be happy with my purchase :) So if anyone is looking for a little garden studio apartment to rent in Lonehill, drop me an email. I'm on the hunt for a new tenant.

And tonight I'm off to another dinner with friends :)

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AngelConradie said...

So have you found a tenant yet?

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