Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Going Well

So far it has been a pretty awesome week. Went to 27Dinner with @tfrayne and @levonrivers and got to see the new Samsung Galaxy Tab up close. Very cute. Smaller than the iPad and includes a phone and a camera, which apparently the iPad lack. Although the iPad is a little big to function as a phone. Not that I'm likely to get either, quite honestly. What on earth would I do with it? Apparently BB is bringing out a tablet too ... I'll probably be in need of an upgrade by then ;) Haha. Surprisingly, I am so not swayed by gadgetry, I wouldn't even have my blackberry if Varen hadn't actually bought it for me.

But, before the 27Dinner, I met up with my first prospective tenant from my Private Property listing and I can happily report that I'll be handing over the keys and he'll be signing the lease this evening. Yippee. (Note: this is the news that has actually made the week awesome). I can't believe it all happened so quickly. I mean the advert only started showing on the 23rd. Sigh, and now I wonder why I faffed around and put it off all month. But at least it is done and I've got a tenant for the next 12 months :)

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