Friday, September 17, 2010

Lala Land

Am feeling better today, and no, I'm sure it's not just because it's Friday. (Although maybe!)

I went to watch Salt earlier this week (see I haven't been a total recluse). I'm not a big Angelina fan at the best of times, and definitely don't think blonde is for her :P But it was an entertaining movie, if not overly realistic. Well, I suppose it wasn't any less realistic than most action-movies these days. My special favourite was the frequency with which she "ran up walls" :P And the jury is still out on if I like Liev Schreiber or not ... can't decide about that guy. The one thing I noticed tho, was my brain wasn't furiously trying to predict the ending, which it usually does. Maybe I was just tired ;) Didn't sleep very well this week.

Till last night and then I woke up from what felt like a dream-fueled coma, and promptly hit the snooze button. Maybe that's why I'm feeling more upbeat today, finally a proper night's sleep. And I finished True Blood s03 last night ... so I can start reading books again :) You may have noticed that the "What am I reading" side bar hasn't been updated in what feels like forever. I'm definitely not still reading that and have read books in between and on my holiday that I haven't even blogged reviews for. Oh well, I'd guess that's never going to happen :P

I'm sure there were some other things I was going to write about ... but now I've forgotten. Oh well.


Tamara said...

Hmmm... I thought Salt was pretty daft. The A Team and new Karate Kid movies were far more entertaining to me. I would like to know what the Russians think of Angelina and Liev's pronunciation though - if it's like Saffers listening to Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond and thinking how kak his accent is ;-)

phillygirl said...

Hahaha, I think it's probably exactly like that! We've got a French girl staying with us and the other day while we were driving somewhere the Richelieu advert (I think that's what it was for?) came on and she was horrified that we thought that was a French accent! Hahahaha.

AngelConradie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed Salt as a lekker no-thought-necessary skop-skiet-en-donder movie!
But then again, I'm a Jolie fan...

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