Monday, September 13, 2010

Much of Nothing

Well this was a weekend unlike I've had in a very long time. I did very close to nothing. It was *awesome*. So rarely do I let myself actually do this. Usually I'm still up and about doing admin on a Saturday morning and let myself relax in the afternoons.

Friday evening was spent finishing s05 of Supernatural and starting on s08 of 24. On Saturday I did briefly emerge from the house to watch the rugby with TheHousemate and CollegeInstructor. But after that it was back into bed to watch more series. It was the perfect day for it too because it was all overcast. Seriously, it was just what I needed.

Sunday was a little different. I went out shopping ... before breakfast. Which I wouldn't recommend one doing. But I wasn't too bad. And then I came home and made French Toast with bacon for breakfast, which was delish. But definitely not something I could have too often. Nice for a change tho :) I also managed to get a lot done on this week's Peru blog-posts and finish watching 24 (and so ends The Chloe & Jack show).

And then Frenchie (we now have a 20yr old French intern staying in the main house) came over to make us crepes for dinner (with nutella and jam?!?) - basically what we'd call a pancake. Which was very confusing for her because she would call our crumpets or flapjacks, pancakes, I think. She was also very amused by my "French Toast" this morning because she'd never seen it before! Haha.

And now it's already Monday and I couldn't sleep last night, so am feeling marvelous this morning :P

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