Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Stuff Weeks Are Made Of

Is the weather in Joburg at the moment not fabulous? I forgot to mention how awesome it was to come back to Spring! I really wasn't expecting such a change in 3 weeks, but it was drastic. The sun is up noticeably earlier, it's so much warmer. The Bundles have switched over to their summer schedule already (cover down during the daytime to stop the sun instead of at night to stop the frost). It's a beautiful day.

So this week ... right. Monday night was a special SCM Dinner cause we were celebrating 2 birthdays, was an awesome evening :) On Tuesday evening I spent the evening at home. My first weekday night at home since I got back from Peru and I loved it. Sometimes you really do just need to climb into bed at 6pm and have popcorn for dinner. Which is not what I did on Tuesday evening, but it's the thought that counts. I have no plans that I'm aware of for this weekend and I am definitely trying to keep it that way. I just need some down time to relax and do much of nothing.

Yesterday we had a Team Breakfast at Tasha's in Morningside. I know most people love the place (or so I've heard) but I don't think I'm won over. And I'm trying to overlook the fact that they had no water (municipality) and couldn't make coffee, which meant no iced coffee for me (since I don't drink actual coffee), which was only my second choice because they have the most limited range of fruit juices. Seriously, who doesn't stock Mango or Strawberry juice ?!?! The breakfasts were too large in my opinion, and therefore over priced. But, that said the place was *packed*. On a weekday morning. Clearly other people do not share my views. But then again, I've said it before, I'm fussy about breakfasts out and since Doppio took my breakfast off their menu I've found nothing that makes me want to eat breakfast out more regularly.

In the evening I ended up at the same center, at The Green Peppercorn, for dinner with Liary. Such fun catching up. I am going to miss her when her Monday-to-Thursday work trips come to an end. I had a delish Chocolate & Chili Ostrich Fillet. OMG it was so much better than the ones I've had before (usually at Madame Zingara).

And that has been the week. Tonight is book club at my house. Book Club seems to have disintegrated a little while I was away ... so it'll be interesting cause we got a few new members too.

And then hopefully that'll be followed by The Weekend of Nothingness.

ps. Have been *very* bad with my #365 without my slr :( Not sure when I'll be able to get it back yet, but at least it isn't going to cost nearly as much as I was expecting.


Tamara said...

Best breakfasts I've found in JHB are at Grand Central in Melrose Arch.

AngelConradie said...

I so often say to myself to try the restaurants you recommend or like...

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