Thursday, October 28, 2010

And Stuff ...

Yawn. Am tired this morning between the *giant* thunder storm above our house at almost 3am and barely being able to breathe, I didn't get much sleep last night.

But lots has been happening. Tuesday was interesting, full of new people. I *finally* met my first Internet Dating boy (no one I've mentioned here before). And yeah, it was fine. I still think I find it a bit weird ... I think you find you like people over time and doing things together (which is why I'm sure you more often than not meet someone thru friends because you end up seeing each other on a semi-regular basis, if that makes sense). It's strange to me to sit down and try and fill someone in on exactly who I am and what makes me tick in a conversation (as opposed to just picking it up as you get to know someone). Yeah, I'd probably see the guy again, if he made the effort ... but I'm not practicing a new signature or anything. Lately I've been feeling very "Reciprocal at best" about these things.

And then on Tuesday evening Loulou, Bert and I tried another round of Speed Dating. Which was pretty pathetic. 5 boys and 6 girls. It was over in under and hour. And I didn't meet anyone I'd want to "match" with either. I dunno, I'm starting to lose interest in this whole trying to meet someone thing. I think I need a mindset change and not to look at it as "Could I date this guy?" but more as "Could I enjoy hanging out and chatting with this guy ... as friends?". I dunno. I refuse to think any further about it for now ...

Yesterday I took the day off to get my annual doctors visits out the way. Oh my, I may have had to wait a whole month to find a day when I could get them all on one day, but it is so the way forward. The stress of sitting and waiting in the doctors rooms for 45minutes because when you arrived at your appointed time, there were still 2 patients who had to go in ahead of you, is gone. It doesn't matter. You're not in a mad rush to get back to work or work in the hours lost or anything. I will definitely be scheduling it like this in future. Obviously this only works for annual check-up appointments tho ... but those tend to be mostly all I need.

Oh, and I managed to take Rex for his nail-clipping too. I was not impressed. 4ways Vet charged *double* the price of my regular vet (Boskruin) ... and the only reason I went there was convenience, since I figured for something so simple there was no reason to drive half an hour there & then back again. Sigh.

And in the evening I went to see The Joneses with CollegeInstructor. I enjoyed it. It's a pretty interesting concept, really. I mean it did get all Hollywood about the ending but hey. I generally enjoyed it :)

Oh, and here are a few things I forgot to mention:
Had a very nice Grilled Vegetable & Cous Cous Salad for dinner at The Metro Lounge on Tuesday night. No mushrooms - score! Seriously, I'd go back to have it again.

And one of the cats must've pushed the pump into my fish pond last night because when I got home from the movie, it was under water and no longer working. I don't know if this could've electrocuted the fish or given them enough of a scare, but one of the fish is still missing (presumed dead) and the other I found using a torch last night on the driveway, barely still breathing about a metre&half away from the pond! I picked him up and threw him back in (he is missing half a tail fin too!). He was mostly floating, but this morning he seems back to normal :) Yay. Will have to get him a new pump and some new friend this weekend ... and I suspect some netting to ward off the predators!


Nadia said...

awesome blog, yeah the internet dating has it's ups and downs!!

tanyadeville said...

LMAO at "I'm not practicing a new signature or anything" wahaha!!

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