Friday, October 01, 2010

Everything Else

Hmmm, the rest of the week has been okay so far. Got the lease signed and sealed with my new tenant :) Am super excited about this whole thing. And am kinda going to miss my little place ... not that I ever did more than pop in there to visit it about 4 times, but I think it's super cute and I love the little garden. All this makes me quite sure it was the exactly right purchase for me, even if I'll probably never live in it because it goes against my "inside the highway" rule.

Anyway, on Wednesday evening was our (now less than monthly) Poker night with the girls. I have been having the weirdest poker nights lately, I either have an awesome lucky evening or I have an evening where I fold ever hand as completely unplayable and go out on blinds alone. Luckily Wednesday was a lucky night for me and I won. I had two very memorable hands. One I shouldn't have been in for the amount I was betting on a hope (there were only 2 of us left playing so stakes were higher and I was feeling reckless trying to get to a final winner), but I got my flush on the river card :) And then one was *awesome* ... for the first time in our little group's poker playing history, we had to look up online to figure out who'd won. Landed up with 2 full houses, luckily I had the one with the higher set of 3. Shoo. Exciting stuffs.

Yesterday was not as exciting. I ended up going to Panarotti's with CollegeInstructor and France because my plans had been postponed. Please remind me, I do NOT like the place (or their adverts, which should be reason enough on it's own to never go back) and should not bother going back. Ever. Again. Ever. Sigh.

Is trying desperately to avoid a #vagueblogpost moment, so won't say anymore about what is swirling in my head right now. But feels a "Saved to Draft" blog post coming ... I'm not a believer in the password-protected post (even if blogger could even do it?!), since it's either for the world at large or it's not. It's never for merely a select few ... well, unless they're the real people in my life and then honestly, that's what conversation is for, and not a blog post :P

Oh, and I have some Bundle stuffs for you today :) I took some video of Coal playing with my keys this week and then put together a little video from 3 clips I had of her and Lily playing with things: Lily with the picnic blanket (they don't burrow under it like they used to when they were little anymore tho), Coal with an empty plastic bottle and then with my keys. The videos aren't great quality, they're taken with my bb, but they are good enough for their purpose :) And I managed to get a photo of Coal "playing" with me ... which actually means chewing on my clothes. Luckily she has never chewed right thru anything or I probably wouldn't find it nearly as cute :)


Anonymous said...

Love the bunnies playing clip, they are so cute! :-)

AngelConradie said...

Aw how cute are those boons!

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