Monday, November 29, 2010

FOUR Years

Wowee, would you believe that today I've been blogging for 4 whole years! FOUR. Shoo time does fly, but plenty has happened and changed during that time. And I have a prettily packaged record of all of it right here.

In other news, the awful week is over and I'm feeling upbeat about this week :) I got my car back on Friday morning. I decided not to go to Mozambique with my friend and 3 guys she met at a club in Cape Town :P And I had a pretty decent weekend.

It started on Friday evening with drink at The Old Rose with half the SCM Dinner crowd :) And I just felt in a better mood by simply being around people. I know that sounds silly because technically I'm around people all day at work. But it is different.

On Saturday I got some xmas shopping done: The Peeb's gift is now in the country and hopefully en route to my Post Office. I've got half of Mom's gift and on Saturday got half of Daddio's. All going smoothly and far longer in advance than is usual for me, it's not even December yet :) Haha.

And then @Rubyletters & I went out to Melville for lunch before heading to the Sass Sale. I suggested Xai Xai since I haven't been in ages but have such awesome memories of chicken trinchado & darwas there. I will say the place has changed a fair amount since I was last there and I was disappointed because the barman was only getting in at 4pm so no darwas for us :( But the trinchado was just as I remembered :)

And then it was off to @cybersass's place for the sale. OMG. I've wanted one of her 1 Dresses since she wore one to a bloggirls lunch. And this afternoon a whole bunch of us descended on her house, watching in awe as she adapted the dress and showed us a million different ways we could wear it. I think we all definitely left with more purchases than we intended (I certainly did!), but it was such a lovely afternoon (this coming from someone so compltely unfamiliar with shopping with girl-friends). Everyone looked awesome in the dresses regardless of body-shape. It's really quite amazing. So what did I buy? I got myself a maroon A-line 1 Dress, a black boob-tube (helpful for wearing under the dress depending on the style) and a long coat in dusty pink. Would you believe I fell even more in love with the dress as I stood in front of my mirror trying different styles later that evening!

So the evening was pretty quiet after such a full and busy day. On Sunday I had an exhausting morning, with gym and cleaning the bunny hutch, but then relaxed for a bit before a friend of mine came over and re-installed my laptop for me - yay! I am loving being back on Windows :) And then we went for a late lunch at Luca's, which was lovely.

And that was about that. I still have plenty swirling in my head and do need to get a big post written about that, but haven't had the time, plus I haven't exactly been in the right head space to dwell without making myself feel worse about things.

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