Monday, April 11, 2011

9 Working Days ...

Yawn. My sleeping patterns seem very weird lately. I woke up at 3:30am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep properly. Also I'm dreaming (or rather actually remembering dreams) lately (which is weird). And, weirder still I'm dreaming about people I know. Not that I could tell you now what they were about, I don't remember them anymore, just in that brief post wake up haze.

So anyway, the weekend, right. On Friday night @Louiseysch suggested we have drinks at The Baron in Sandton (I don't think I've ever actually been to that one) followed by dinner at Gourmet Garage. It was a surreal experience. It was like Investec had vomited up it's entire male staff contingent. The place was packed and the bar was impossible to reach and the crowd was boring. I felt old and like I was surrounded by ex-boyfriend clones. Sigh. Needless to say we moved on to dinner quite early. And I dunno exactly why it is, but I definitely prefer the Monte on to the Sandton one.

I didn't have a late night as I was planning a Super Admin Saturday. All sorts of things to get done before I leave (9 working days left!!). But it was not an especially successful day. I appear to have lost my PO Box key. Bugger. And I forgot to print my flight details, so I couldn't even attempt to get my forex. I did get my travel insurance tho. And I spent 45mins waiting in a bloody Telkom queue to get a print out of my statement since I haven't received one in months at home (I despise not having a post box, I mean really!) and it's usually all I have to FICA myself with. I did, however, successfully get the bachelorette & wedding gifts I needed.

I also managed to get my hard drive, now full of series, back and so spent the afternoon recovering from my morning's annoyance with some escapism. In the evening I went to Zoo's bachelorette where we had a Mexican Cooking Evening at the Wicked Food Cooking School. It's quite a fun idea for a bachelorette's, I must say. And the cooking at this place was far less intense than at uShef. I loved that the bachelor party arrived midway thru the evening and kidnapped out bride-to-be and left us with the groom. They brought her back a while later and we had a really delish meal. After that, it was off to Beach Blanket Bohemia for some drinks & dancing. It was a really fun evening :)

On Sunday I had a pretty lazy day, which started with a beautiful morning walk, cleaning the bunny-hutch and then grocery shopping (riveting life, this). And then The Trucker came to visit for the afternoon.

Yawn. And now it is my last 5 day work-week Monday till May 23rd. Hee hee.

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A Daft Scots Lass said...

can't wait for the long weekend hols!

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