Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Forgotten Things

There are so many things to blog about and so little time (at the moment). Things I forgot from yesterday's post:

1. This weekend was the DSJ Beerfest (apparently), which means it is pretty much exactly 7 years since I arrived in Joburg (after the longest drive ever with Mom). Wow, if you'd asked me then if I thought I would still be here now, the answer would definitely have been NO! But hey, life happens :)

2. I got stuffs. On Friday I received 2 deliveries. One I'm still trying out and will blog about another time. And the other was from Nokia with an invitation to add my blog to their Ovi App Store (it's being reviewed so isn't available yet, but I figured it was pretty ideal timing what with my holiday 2011 posts kicking off). Apparently I can win a competition too ;)

And then yesterday evening I got spoilt at SCM. Wow I have missed those dinners :) There was a gorgeous cake to wish me happy birthday and welcome home! And gifts! Sigh, I won't lie, it's been kinda weird missing my birthday, like it didn't happen at all. I should probably organise something myself, but it just seems not really worth the effort.

I think that's about everything I forgot ...

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