Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Three Year Milestone

Sigh. I appear to be having one of those my-brain-is-out-to-get me kinda days. I dunno why, there's no good reason. It's been a mostly good first week back (aside from waking up thinking it must surely be Friday this morning, boy was that a nasty surprise ...). Work is not blissful, but I'm surviving a 5 day week. Actually, today marks 3 years since I first started here. Wow. Seriously, wow. It's the longest I've ever spent at any one company ... although I'm not sure if that's true since it's technically not the same company after the merger. But I won't dwell on  that, it's causing me enough issues of it's own to put a damper of this minor achievement.

Real life is kinda blissful. I have had a busy week social. Out every night ... Had a lovely dinner with @Nadgia on Tuesday night at Luca's. So good to catch up, I haven't seen her since before she went away in April!

And then last night I went to The Trucker's for dinner. He cooked! We had some delish pasta, and I got spoilt with hot chocolate the way Rocket makes it too. It was lovely. Just a quiet evening chatting, eating and watching series.

 Oh, and some very exciting news (maybe, I don't really know what it means yet ...), I was invited to add my blog to the Nokia Ovi App store. So it's there. Feel free to download it or whatever it is you do with a Nokia App. Me, I'm entered into this competition to see if I can win a trip to SXSW 2012 (based on downloads from the App Store in July). And failing that, I still have a cute little cactus from Nokia on my desk ;)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 3 years!

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