Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Weekend Blog Post

Urgh. Am having another insecure morning of self-doubt about everything. I hate these moods. But I guess they stem from letting yourself be vulnerable and knowing you don't trust that anything will be different. Ah cynicism, my old friend :P Seriously. It's annoying me now tho.

So the weekend was pretty good. The Trucker & I went for sushi with CollegeInstructor and France on Friday night. It was France's final Friday night in Joburg! She's off on 2 weeks holiday now seeing her last few bits of the country before she heads home. And then we all went to Doors. It was not a spectacular evening, although The Trucker & I did have fun dancing. I did not factor in the fact that France is only 20 and wouldn't know any of the music :P

On Saturday morning The Trucker & I went to Salvation Cafe for a late breakfast and then had a lazy day, followed by pizza and a movie on the couch. We watched Just Go With It, which was such rubbish. We must've considered switching it off at least 3 times during the movie! But since neither of us is a walk-out-of-movies sort, we stuck thru it (although he did start doing some work on the laptop towards the end - yes, that bad!)

On Sunday we headed out looking for somewhere nice to have breakfast. It was one of those gorgeous sunny winter mornings where you want to sit outside at some kind of country setting and enjoy the day. Sadly it is trickier than you think to find a place like that and after a fair amount of driving around, we ended up reading the paper and having omlettes at The Home of the Chicken Pie. Which was happily, I think, just the Sunday morning we were looking for.

After that, The Trucker went to buy a new camera - I am devastated. For the less than I paid for my 1000D, he got the Canon 500D with a twin lens kit!! Seriously. Annoying. Pahaha, but what a fabulous deal.

And then I went home, did some grocery shopping for this week (yay, Mom is coming to visit) and went for a walk, let the bunnies have an extra long run around, prepared holiday blog posts, ate leftover pizza and watched series.

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