Monday, June 06, 2011

Cough. Cough.

Omg. I am still suffering terribly in this cold. Seriously, I feel like the opposite of a Vampire, I'm only well when the sun is out :P Urgh. And my house is a freezer, last night I was in bed under my duvet with socks, tracksuit pants, a scarf, a jersey & a beanie ... all with the heater on and it was only just bearable :P *sob* I hope things icy-cold-wise improve soon. That said tho, my phone weather app tells me we've got rain coming Tues & Wed this week - wtf is that about?! It's Joburg in Winter, we can't have rain!

Anyway, so the weekend. On Friday we shuffled around our office space again, now that our additional space has finished being built (yay, no more construction sounds!). And I'm pretty happy with my new spot so lets hope that helps.

On Friday evening I went to The Trucker's and we just had a quiet evening watching series. On Saturday morning we had breakfast and a lazy morning.

In the afternoon I headed off to Gia's on Montrose to meet up with some other Twitterers for tea. I haven't been there in years and it's kinda cool for an afternoon tea. I wasn't terribly impressed with the food, chicken schnitzel, tho and they weren't impressed when we all started scoffing some of Angel's delish cupcakes! Was lovely to catch up with @AngelsMind, @Rubyletters and @beagle_momma tho :)

And then it was off home to figure out what to wear to a friend of The Trucker's birthday party. What a fun evening, we all had to get dressed up in formal wear (it literally ranged from smart to matric-dance dress stuff!) and had arranged a limo to pick us up from her house (at that stage we still had no idea what the evening entailed!). I've never been in a limo before, was quite a laugh as we drove along the N1. We ended up at Brightwater's Let's Go Bowling! Hahaha, was such a laugh, us in our fancy outfits with bowling socks on (they, thankfully, no longer offer those weird bowling shoes for hire). And then it was off to McGinty's for a few drinks where we were supposed to have dinner, but we'd run a bit late and decided that the proper thing to do would definitely be to hit McDonalds on our way home in the limo instead! Bwahahaha. It was brilliant :)

On Sunday I wasn't feeling well, I think my tonsillitis has gone but now I have a cold. Urgh. I never get sick, what on earth is this all about?!?! Anyway, we out for breakfast and surprisingly ended up at Wimpy (since the restaurant we started out at seemed completely uninterested in actually serving us, so we got up and left), which turned out to be quite nice and in keeping with last night's theme - haha. Can't remember the last time I actually had a Wimpy breakfast!

I slept and cleaned the bunny hutch and watched series in bed for the rest of the day. Seriously, this icy cold makes my days seem so much shorter because I lack interest in actually doing anything after 4pm! I think I may have to buy a heater :P

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