Thursday, June 02, 2011

My First Tonsillitis

Right, I'm back at work and Oh. My. Gawd is it freezing at 6am these days. Seriously, I don't remember the Bunnies' water bowl ever freezing last year and it did yest and this morn! *Freezing*

But, I got up and I'm back at work after 2 days off. Turns out I do have tonsillitis :P I figured on day 4 of a sore swollen lymph node in my throat with no other symptoms, it was time to see my doc (especially since I could feel it was starting to affect the right side as well). She almost couldn't see me on Tuesday, but luckily had a cancellation appointment and immediately diagnosed full-on tonsillitis on the left side (and the right side was slowly getting infected too).

Awesomeness. Anyhoo, am on "medication" now (I use the quotes since it's Chinese and Homeopathic stuff ... I do have a script for antibiotics if there's no improvement by Saturday, but I'd say that there is, so I doubt I'll be needing that). Yes, I go to a Homeopath. I figure even if it is all placebo effect, I'd far rather my own body healed itself, thank you very much. But, she is also a GP so can prescribe "real" meds when necessary. I dunno if maybe I have a very high pain threshold or what, but she also prescribed myprodol for the pain. I haven't needed that and I was on day 4 of the pain, so I'm not starting now (this morning pain has pretty much gone completely).

Hopefully will be all better soonsoon. But stayed off work yest because apparently I am infectious and she wanted me to get some blood tests done and take in a throat swab to Lancet. I think staying warm at home in bed (including an afternoon snooze) for that extra day was exactly what I needed actually.

But I have been up to some other stuff ... Monday night I did go to SCM. We sat watching Accidentally on Purpose, which was fun and I think what we all needed in this icy weather.

On Tuesday eve I went to spend the night at The Trucker's. He has a bath and a much warmer house than me ... much better than being home alone and sick! Last night he came over for dinner and I made Mexcian wrapps and Jelly & Custard for dessert (gotta be some perks to tonsillitis, right?). Yum.

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