Monday, June 20, 2011

Pretty Much Perfect

Monday, again ... already. Sigh. I shouldn't complain I had a pretty perfect weekend :)

On Friday (can you believe I've been back from holiday for a month!) evening I raced thru to The Trucker's for a walk before sunset, he'll be moving at the end of the month so best to make the most use of the awesome-for-walking area he's in at the moment. And then he made us Beef Trinchado for dinner while I had a bath. Seriously, how could a Friday night be more ideal? Haha. And the food was absolutely delish :)

On Saturday we woke up late and had an almost-lunch breakfast at Mugg & Bean (we're running out of breakfast spots here! I'm always so uninspired for breakfast). And then hung out at my house reading in the sun. I cleaned the bunny hutch and he went out to do some work and when he got back we went for another walk, this was the first time I took him on my usual route.

In the evening  we went to watch Source Code. Sigh, it was not amazing. I mean, I could totally get behind their plot rules and it all made some sense. The point where I get annoyed is where they bend their own made up rules to give us ye olde typical Hollywood ending. Pfft. Seriously.

Afterwards we had a quick dinner at Ciao Baby Cucina. Meh, not amazing either. I had their Melanzane, which was substantial.

And on Sunday we'd decided to meet up with some of his friends at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens for a picnic. So after another late morning, I made us some breakfast and then made rolls for lunch and we headed out. With a quick stop past his new stand.

Sigh, it is not what I was expecting. I think I probably need to reassess my own build-my-own-home dreams here after the reality of available land and it's cost has set in. The fantasy is so much better. I dunno, I've always wanted more land than house and these days it seems people are cramming giant houses onto smaller and smaller pieces of property. And I do not want to feel surrounded by neighbours. that said, I'm sure the Trucker's house will be *amazing* when it's finished and still just being able to build your own house is pretty cool. Lucky guy :)

And then we had a lazy afternoon reading the paper and chatting and enjoying the Joburg winter sun in the beautiful Walter Sisulu gardens. Perfect :)

After that I went home and watched series. Seriously, it's close to impossible to motivate myself to do almost anything after 4 or 5pm in Winter! On the plus side, after tomorrow, our days start getting longer again :)

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