Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two nights with Mom

Shoo so even tho this is only a 4 day work-week, it's social completely jam-packed! Mom arrived in Joburg yesterday evening for 2 nights with me en route to Chobe & Vic Falls (how cool!).

So last night we went out for dinner to Saigon. I haven't been there since I was dating Bean! The food was okay, I dunno, it didn't really blow me away. But what was nice was we ate it communally at our table, all sharing the dishes for starters and mains, eating out of little bowls with chopsticks, like I did in China, which was fab :)

Afterwards I gave her, her gift from China along with The Peeb's and Daddio's to take back to Cape Town with her after her trip :) And I showed her the updates to my photo wall.

Yesterday seemed like a very long work day before I could go home and hang out with her again. And while I was at work she made dinner and dessert :) Macaroni Cheese and Cheesecake. So, The Trucker came over for dinner as well.

Was an awesome evening, really. And then an early morning to get us both ready to leave at 06h30. At least tomorrow is a (super-busy, no-time-for-resting) public holiday and tonight is the Lunar Eclipse. Yep, life continues at pace.

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